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What is the difference between material 254 SMO and Alloy 59

Many clients have asked us “What is the difference between 254 SMO and Alloy 59 – and when to select one over the other”? At the moment we see that this is a very common discussion for scrubber applications among ship owners and shipyards. Therefore, we have made this short video that explains the differences, consequences, reasons for selection and showcase an example.

Metals and How to Weld Nickel Alloys

How to weld nickel alloys like hastelloy, inconel, etc. Nickel alloys have a low thermal conductivity and so limiting heat input and using lower amperage than would be used for stainless is one key to making good nickel alloy welds.

Taglio WaterJet Fondo Bombato Alloy59

Taglio ad acqua - Taglio idrogetto




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