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ETS TOEIC TEST 토익 공식문제집 RC 4강(끝장토익 박진영 무료인강)

#토익대표가 만나 #슈퍼그뤠잇 #학습서비스 탄생
토익실전 1위 ETS 공식문제
무료 동영상 전격 제공

핵심문제풀이 동영상 제공
(YBM e4u종로 입문/중급반
대표강사‘끝장토익’ 박소희, 박진영 강사)

출제기관 최신 미공개 적중문제(정기시험과 동일한 난이도)
정기시험 성우음성\u0026고사장버전 MP3 무료 제공
토익 명강사 해설강의로 고득점 해법 제시
(ETS TOEIC Book 공식카페

* 해설강의: ETS TOEIC BOOK 공식카페
YBM 어학원 끝장토익 수강신청:\u0026sCode=12\u0026page=1#cTab
이오비 : 끝장토익 수강생입니다 :) 수업에 항상 열정적이고 수강생들을 위해서 노력하시는 모습에 감사합니다! :)
헬린이탈출 : 끝장토익 수강생입니다! 좋은강의! 감사합니다
수지 : 끝장토익 수강생입니다!! 이해가 쏙쏙 되는 진영쌤 강의 너무 좋습니다♥️
music Love : 잘들었습니다. ㅎㅎㅎ 전문제 다 있으면 너무 좋겠지만 욕심이..ㅎㅎ! 짱이에요!!!!!!
사랑혜SarangHye : 좋은 강의 감사합니다

ETS TOEIC 2021 | Toeic Listening Test 4 - With Transcript & Answers

ETS TOEIC 2021 | Toeic Listening Test 4 - With Transcript \u0026 Answers

45:21 Answers
46:04 Transcript

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Test Content:
Listening Test Content Section (approx. 45 minutes, 100 questions).
Listen to conversation and narrations, and answer the questions.
Part1: Photographs: 6 questions
Part2: Question-Response: 25 questions
Part3: Conversations: 39 questions
Part4: Talks: 30 questions

Reading Section (75 minutes, 100 questions).
Read printed questions and answer them.
Part5: Incomplete Sentences: 30 questions
Part6: Text Completion: 16 questions
Part7: Single Passages: 29 questions
Multiple Passages: 25 questions

We hope you will have a good time learning Toeic!
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Thank you very much!

Glahn Oliveira : I remember doing an experiment about how STDS/STIS spread in a middle school science class: Everyone in the class was given a plastic cup of water, but 2 or 3 of the cups had a clear liquid mixed with the water and everyone had to mix their cups with at least 2 other students. Once everyone did so, a chemical was added to each plastic cup, and if the water turned yellow then that meant the cup was clean but if it turned pink that represented the spread of an STD. The point of that experiment was to show how easily viruses can spread and how important it is to use protection, take medicine, and social distance, and I learned all of this when I was12
k w : 95/100
nguyen bi : Câu 16 phần transcript bị sai r ạ
hzan yang : Hello,

Is it easier than "real toeic test" ?

TOEIC NEW FORMAT : 45:21 Answers
46:04 Transcript

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TOEIC Listening Test 2020 - Test 04

TOEIC Listening Test 2020 - Test 04 provides you with an easy and convenient way to practice the Listening section of TOEIC. The content has been updated to reflect the TOEIC new format 2020 by ETS.

+ Test Introduction - 00:28
+ Listening Part 1 - 00:53
+ Listening Part 2 - 04:40
+ Listening Part 3 - 13:37
+ Listening Part 4 - 31:37
+ Answer Key - 45:58
+ Score Conversion table - 46:08

When you have finished your practice, take a look at the scripts and explanations (in this video) to help improve your score.

Sample TOEIC Listening Answer sheet

Check out other TOEIC Listening tests 2020

TOEIC stands for the Test of English for International Communication. It tests your ability to understand work-related writings, instructions and conversations, in spoken and written English.

Remember that the TOEIC Listening \u0026 Reading Test does not have a speaking part — so that’s one less thing to think about. Plus, it’s not a pass or fail test. This means that simply taking the test will make you stand out (be noticed) among candidates (applicants) who haven’t taken it.

Format: Multiple choice, pencil and paper
There are two sections: listening section (100 questions) and reading section (100 questions).

Length: 2.5 hours
The listening section is 45 minutes, the reading section is 75 minutes and then there are 30 minutes to answer non-scored questions about yourself.

Score: 10 – 990
A higher score is a better score. In the reading and listening parts you can earn 5 – 495 points each, and then the two scores are added together for your final score. A score above 785 is very good, but sometimes employers aren’t necessarily looking for a score that high, depending on the tasks of the job.
おむらいす食べたい : 87/100
Sylvia Soh : 94/100. Thanks!
Ivy Y : 98/100 Yeah!!
胡里昂 : 92/100, thanks for sharing.
Mr Beans : Anyone who is sleeping without me during the test ?




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